A Knight’s Peril

Ben Gwalchmai was the writer and producer for A Knight’s Peril, an interactive adventure in Bodiam Castle for The National Trust.

Find out more details and arrange your visit here while you can: www.splashandripple.com/aknightsperil

“A Knight’s Peril makes use of an ‘Echo Horn’ which helps visitors to sound the echoes of the past trapped inside the castle’s ancient walls. These objects surreptitiously house cutting edge hardware and interactive software that responds to choices made by visitors, activating the appropriate audio scenes when touched to special seals hidden around the castle.

The fictional story uses a mix of both real and imagined characters informed by research carried out by the University of the West of England. The Earl of Arundel and Prioress De Lisle were real people connected to Bodiam Castle and East Sussex. In A Knight’s Peril the former, the most powerful man in England at the time, is portrayed as the puppet master of the King, whilst the latter is given a character of a devout but highly ambitious woman in a man’s world”. (Splash & Ripple)


Image courtesy of Splash & Ripple

Image courtesy of Splash & Ripple