Earthquakes in London

Written by Mike Bartlett
Director: Emma Baggott
Movement Director: Roanna Mitchell
Performers: Brit School Common Ground Ensemble 2013

This production of Mike Bartlett’s play was created by two core Allies together with the ensemble at the Brit School, London, as part of Common Ground 2013. We expect great things of the talented performers that were part of this production.

According to the best scientists we’ve got about five years left before it’s too late, so you’ll forgive me if I don’t wait for the next election, you’ll understand if I’m impatient. Because while you continue to have conversations like this, in London restaurants, in government lobbies and Notting Hill gardens, while you show off your little wind turbines, and while you’re talking and talking, you’re still doing absolutely fuck all.

Tom, Earthquakes in London.

Performed at The Brit School, 24-26 January 2013.