Imagining O India

Directors: Richard Schechner and Benjamin Mosse
Movement Director: Roanna Mitchell
Created in collaboration with the ensemble

Imagining O — part theatre, part dance, part installation art — investigates sexuality and artistry, abjection and power, as imagined by Shakespeare’s Ophelia, O from Pauline Reage’s Story of O, and the ensemble.

First emerging out of a research and development phase in Canterbury, UK, Imagining O was invited to the Fourth International Theatre Festival in Thrissur, Kerala, India, in 2012.

As an associate of East Coast Artists, core Ally Roanna Mitchell continues to work on Imagining O in 2014, when it will be performed as part of the Peak Performances season at the Alexnder Kasser Theatre, NY, US.


Publications about Imagining O in India:
Mitchell, R. and Pakula, P. (2013). Imagining O, Encountering India: Recounting an embodied experience. Indian Theatre Special Issue On The Body: Studies in South Asian Film and Media, 5(1).